The Other Love Story

Crew Members

Writer & Director

Roopa Rao – Director & Writer

Cinema is the way of life for her, a natural storyteller, she had to lose her way somewhere else to find her way here, after having worked in an IT major for 6 years, she quit to pursue & practice films, the only constant love affair she has ever had.

An alumni of Asian Academy of Film & Television, she has been part of many short films, independently wrote and directed a few of them. She has line produced and research partnered international productions, makes promotional videos to live by, co-directed a few feature films – in Kannada and in Tamil.

This is her first big scale independent venture. Her dream of a decade coming true. A story that has lived in her is finding its own form through this film.

This project means everything to her right now!

Director of Photography

Vijayan Muthu

Vijayan is an IT re-turned, like most of us in the team. He is Bangalore’s one of the leading still photographers; with commercials and corporate films experience, now he is venturing in to cinematography with this film. He founded the studio “VJN photography”

A humble being with a big heart, a child like enthusiasm, never gets angry, that’s Vijayan for you

Since the film requires to exude the feel of 90’s Bangalore India, having a DOP who has lived his teens in 90’s is a bonus.


Bharath M.C
Bharath M.C

Bharath is a multi-talented artist, one of his kinds who is very kind at heart well. He believes in collective movement, which has resulted in many workshops that he has conducted.

A ‘fine arts’ graduate, trained musician, was part of a fusion rock band called ‘EK’, has performed live shows across India. He also produces films through his production house for NGO’s and corporates. He is an all rounder in film making – cinematography, music composing, and editing – he can do all and how!

We are humbled to have him aboard to edit this web series.  With his experience and knowledge, his inclusion into the project has doubled the confidence of the rest of the team. That’s his aura and energy!

Executive Producer


Satish is a rock like human being. If you are his friend, he will stand by you through the times like a solid pillar.

His association over the years with us for all our productions, his trustworthy friendship, his never dying passion for cinema and his network within the city where we shoot, makes him a perfect executive producer. He is the man who will help us deal with our money efficiently!

Music Director

Aparajith Sris

Aparajith lives in a world of his own, which only includes his keyboard and a big studio. He breaths music in there

His love for creating music with real sounds, takes him to highways, mountains – you might see him looking for a squirrel to create that perfect sound which he wants to use it for some thriller music

Aparajith is trained in background scoring from Chennai, has worked on several short films and feature films.

Art & Associative Director

Santhosha Poojary

Santhosha, called as “Santu” around the friends circle, he is like mercury who can slip anywhere, come out of anywhere, can do anything, anytime!

If he is around, it is like having a very active two right hands.

A very talented artist with masters in fine arts, his sculpting and murals are popular in Karnataka art scene, he has designed set for many theatre productions and have been part of most of our video productions.

Santu is crucial for this project as he will be the one who will help us bring in the 90’s look and feel to the film!

Sound Director

Malay Vadalkar

With an accute ear for sounds,  Malay seems like he enjoys adventure which only proves why he prefers indie cinema. Capturing live sound in an uncontrolled atmosphere, is like the highest adrenaline adventure, you got to sweat it out!

Malay is a recent graduate of the Satyajeet Ray Institute of Film and Television specializing in sound engineering and design. He has won awards and accolades; his short films have been to many film festivals. He has already worked on over fifty short films and documentaries, and his hunger is only increasing further.

With him around, we suddenly feel a big worry is taken off our chests!

First Assistant Director

sneha menon
Sneha menon

Sneha is a visual communication graduate from Bangalore. She loves food more than anything in this world and classical dance is her second most favorite.

She wishes to travel a lot someday but for now she is clear she wants to explore film making to gain clarity about which aspect of film would she want to find future in.

With an unique sense of humor, she stands out not just for her commitment and passion but also for her height, she is the youngest but the tallest amongst us !

Online co-ordinator


Jagmohan, Jaggi as we call him, is a perfect gen x guy, who checks for availability of Internet connection before asking for water in any new place. His life has enhanced in many ways, as he says, by Internet.

Jaggi can talk about anything under the sun with a childlike innocence and intensity. He was one of the first stars who got aligned to make this project happen, his inclusion in to the team wheeled the film from where it was to where it is today!

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